The Top 6 Uses for an Electric Toothbrush

It’s likely that you’ve heard the advice to use an electric toothbrush several times previously. I know you’re thinking, what’s the big deal? Are electric toothbrushes really superior? In a nutshell, they certainly are!

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Although the initial cost of these toothbrushes is more, they are definitely worth it when it comes to your dental health. Almost many dentists would actually concur that using an electric toothbrush is a more efficient way to get rid of plaque and tartar while maintaining the healthiest possible gums and teeth.

Using an electric toothbrush has the following six major advantages over using a manual or traditional toothbrush:

#1 – An electric toothbrush not only keeps your teeth healthier, but also your tongue and gums

Manual toothbrushes can never possibly remove all of the plaque and tartar that might accumulate in the spaces between your teeth. The gaps between teeth where food hides are not fully reached by the straight, fixed bristles. An electric toothbrush with a revolving or vibrating brush head reaches into such regions and uses equal pressure to clean them completely. Additionally, a lot of electric toothbrushes are equipped with an integrated sensor that will notify you if the brush is being used too forcefully, which can irritate and harm your gums.

Although it may sound strange, brushing your tongue is also incredibly necessary. By doing this, you can help get rid of the germs that cause foul breath and even change the way food tastes. It’s quick, simple, and incredibly beneficial to brush and scrape your tongue with an electric toothbrush. You’ll be able to prevent unpleasant breath, and you naturally want to experience every mouthwatering flavor in your meal!

Brushing your teeth for two minutes each time is one of the most crucial things you can remember to do to take good care of them. Many individuals don’t set a timer while using a manual toothbrush to make sure they are brushing for the recommended amount of time. However, the majority of electric toothbrushes also come with a timer, ensuring that you always brush for the recommended length of time!

Additionally, the action is similar to that of an electric toothbrush. A manual brush’s action is reliant on your arm and hand. This definitely isn’t moving as consistently and continuously as an electric toothbrush will in a lot of situations. In actuality, a manual toothbrush cannot physically produce the 30,000 bristle motions per minute that an electric toothbrush can.

Ultimately, it appears that using an electric toothbrush improves our concentration when brushing. Consequently, this emphasis results in improved brushing, which lessens the workload for us at Laifentech. While we always like meeting our patients, we are even more pleased to hear that your daily oral hygiene regimen has improved.

Cleaner and healthier teeth, gums, and tongue are the end consequence of all of the aforementioned aspects, making them one of the main advantages of utilizing an electric toothbrush!

#2: An electric toothbrush is included with several brush heads.

When using a manual toothbrush, all of the work is done by one brush head. However, it can’t actually perform everything your mouth requires. An electric toothbrush often comes with many interchangeable brush heads for various purposes, such as:

Consistent, everyday brushing


thorough cleaning

sanitizing your tongue

sanitizing delicate teeth

This extends the lifespan of the main body and its battery, which is typically three to five years. Long-term cost savings aside, that also prevents hundreds of conventional plastic toothbrushes from ending up in landfills.

#3: They Help You Save Cash

The savings extend beyond the amount of money you’ll save on the quantity of toothbrushes you ultimately use, as we just discussed. These financial benefits result from fewer cavities, gum disease, and other oral health concerns.

Simply said, as we’ve already discussed, these brushes clean your teeth and gums more effectively, which means fewer trips to our dentist office. Your dental insurance will often pay for regular examinations as well as other restricted or preventive procedures. However, they often don’t pay for lengthy restorative therapy regimens. You will have to pay extra money out of pocket for it.

Therefore, it is obvious which option will end up being less expensive when comparing the initial cost of an electric toothbrush to the expense of having cavities, receding gums, and other costly dental work repaired.

#4: Braces Make It Easier to Use an Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are an excellent cleaning tool for people who wear braces, permanent retainers, or other orthodontic items. Electric toothbrushes significantly lessen the difficulty of properly cleaning your teeth, which is made considerably more difficult by braces. This is particularly valid for kids wearing braces. (Read on for additional details below!)

#5: An electric toothbrush may be a lifesaver for someone with limited hand mobility!

The CDC estimates that 26% of Americans are disabled. It is anticipated that this figure will rise as a result of COVID-19’s impact and growing public awareness of the needs of the handicapped community. Those with restricted hand movement make up a sizable portion of that 26% (particularly within the older group).

Everybody desires a spotless mouth. Furthermore, an electric toothbrush might increase the likelihood of that for those who have issues with their hands and wrists. The user doesn’t have to move the brush as much because it performs the majority of the job automatically. Also, a lot of electric toothbrushes come with an ergonomic handle that is more comfortable to grip.

When using an electric toothbrush, people with the following conditions benefit greatly:


The condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome

Hand and forearm impairments

#6: Children Love Electric Toothbrushes!

It can be difficult for parents to encourage their kids to brush at all, much less correctly, at times. Anything that would encourage kids to brush is something that our staff at Laifentech is pleased to suggest!

Kids find using an electric toothbrush to be far more fascinating. They are accustomed to devices with several buttons, moving parts, and audio features. Furthermore, some kid-friendly electric toothbrushes also play music—a lively tune plays for two minutes to encourage youngsters to brush for the recommended amount of time. Children typically don’t dislike the sensation of the soft bristles on their teeth and gums because of this. For many kids, electric toothbrushes are a perfect answer!

Make the Switch to an Electric Toothbrush Right Now—We Can Assist!

Do you have any inquiries regarding the usage of an electric toothbrush? Are you unsure about the best type of electric toothbrush? We are prepared to assist you!

We will be pleased to address any more questions you may have and go over the advantages of using an electric toothbrush as well as provide advice on how to use one correctly. When feasible, we advise switching to an electric toothbrush, and we can assist you in choosing the right model.

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